Wellness Coach
• Experiencing Anxiety , • Stress , • Burnout , • Self doubt , Improve self-confidence , Improve performance outcome

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Wellness Coach

•Experiencing Anxiety



•Self doubt

Improve self-confidence

Improve performance outcome

Stress and burnout in the workplace create a negative impact not only on individuals but also on organizations, clients and customers. These are estimated to be of high cost to a country’s economy. Stress and burnout can affect job satisfaction, occupational commitment as well as performance outcome.

To help identify employees at high risk, it is important to know what individual differences contribute to stress and burnout.

As a Nurse itself and an educator, I have witnessed the causative effect of these 2 crims. It must be prevented or early detected before it gets worse. I support every individual to overcome uncertainties, identify and manage stress and be aware of how much they could take in and eventually uninstall these negative culprits, thereby, improving performance outcome.


” Lee is such an invigorating person, speaker & she really motivates me on my journey to graduation. She says ” Constant practice makes it perfect” ‘ It does not matter how many times you fall, it is how you get up wiser & build up strength that makes you wiser” I honestly feel I… Read more “”


” My experience with the Success coach Lee, has been nothing short of amazingly wonderful support, the understanding by Lee has had a very positive impact on me personally as well as on my career. I booked sessions with her via Calendly, as I was going through some tough times and she walked with me,… Read more “”

Anilath GP

” Coaching is really your calling, I am grateful I am one of those people you have coached with. You have empowered my whole me. I have now fulfilled the vision that I have realized during our sessions last year. I maybe a work in progress, but I am forever grateful that I have accomplished… Read more “”


“Coach Lee is very warm to talk to. It seems like I have known her for a long time. Her presence brings more wisdom for me to see through where I am heading. I am definitely heading at the right direction. I thought I am smart enough and I don’t need a coach to guide… Read more “”

- Darianna Emilio

“Thank u very much amazing lee Montajes one of the best “MC” in Melbourne Australia   same us here u are great on ur craft..You have delivered an excellent professional hosting/MC performance consistently. We Appreciate it very much. Thanks for the beautiful motivational words from u.. And we are grateful to have met u dear.  PS HIGHLY RECOMMENDED BEST FOR… Read more “”

-Stiffany Chung

Lee as my wellness coach, She is very patient, straightforward and passionate in her craft. I never thought We could connect initially. But, Lee has a natural gift, she can transform you without any pressure. I love every single convos we had, I wouldn’t want our session to end. She has given me the courage… Read more “”

-Sara McM

“Lee Montajes is a beacon of light! Her energy is infectious and she really helped me gain clarity on direction, as well as baby steps for business so that I didn’t get overwhelmed. I loved working with her and still interact with her to this day! She sets the greatest example of multi-tasking yet still… Read more “”

-Ashley Lopez

“Lee as a coach has a natural charm and good vibes. She could sense your inner self. The whole 5 weeks session was remarkable for me. It has made me realised that I have lots of potentials, that I am capable of achieving big dreams. I used to think that I am ineffective, makes no… Read more “”

-Grace Morris

“I thoroughly enjoyed having Lee as my coach. We covered Compelling visions, internal alignments to get a better understanding of what outcomes and goals that I wanted to achieve and what barriers may prevent me from achieving those goals. After this we discussed strategies to implement removing any barriers or self limitations and put in… Read more “”

⁃ Elliott Stenson 

“Lee has an infectious energy that comes to each session. When leaving each one, I felt motivated and enthusiastic to really work through and decide what my dreams are and how I can reach them! Thank you for your support and guidance 😊”  … Read more “”

⁃Georgie Chambers