“When I first heard Lee speak, I was blown away.  This petite lady is a dynamo! She spoke with passion, enthusiasm and delivered the message to us in a simple but powerful way.  Since then, I kept inviting her to give talks at our retreats, workshops and Christian Life program.  I used to get wonderful, positive feedback from the members of our community after listening to her talks.  When she talks, everybody wakes up!  I remembered one time, I asked her to emcee our National Conference in Adelaide, most ladies had a ball with Lee because she was engaging, she was fun and spontaneous, she had a great sense of humour, she never run out of words to say, it was almost like a running water from the river.  She truly made the audience feel welcome and comfortable.


When she moved out of Adelaide, I recommended Lee to our community in Melbourne to speak at their retreats. Instantly, the ladies in Melbourne fell in love with Lee because she was able to relay messages to them in a very practical way. No one slept, everybody participated and requested for more talks from Lee. As a result, the National leaders decided to ask her to give a talk in front of hundreds of women all over Australia in Sept 2019.  Not only can she make people laugh, she can sing too! She is a very gifted lady and can give serious talks that touch the hearts, emotions and souls of people.


She is indeed a great speaker and emcee!”