“Listen up everyone! I know in any events we try and keep everything in the lowest budget, but hey, not for Professionals, well experienced HOST.
Lee is such a darling, very organised , professional, focus, pleasant and has made our engagement plus 30th bday party a well deserved success! Lee is a jack of all traits, believe me! She can Sing, she can dance, she can deliver a great speech, she cracks jokes instantly, ooh, endless!!! She is worth paying for,I am not lying folks! Glad I found her on he FB page: Motivationalee ! The first time we met her, she has connected with the whole family. Her expertise in this field is truly OUTSTANDING! if I have extra money, I could add more for what she charges, she deserves more than that!
On behalf of everyone, thank you Lee for grazing the entire event, the energy is exuberantly intense. The audience was just under your spell . Hoping to have you again in our future events”