“Lee was suggested to us by some network of friends and colleagues. Our huge Team would like to hear from a keynote speaker a message that would surely stick into our hearts and minds for all
time, specially in this Pandemic situation, not everyone is on top of their journey.
As soon as she starts her first opening statement, we were glued already. She has a natural gift of gab. Lee knows how to capture the audience attention. Her energy is contagious! Her confidence is unbreakable, momentum is undeniably superb! The audience participation is awesome, we are like listening to the next Simon Sinek or Tony Robbins. Lee, keep up the good work, the world need someone like you, an empowered woman despite of your own struggles, you said, you chose your own battle! You are a whole package Lee! See you again for the next event speaking in front of thousands of people. We are honoured to have met you.Kuddos! “