“Lee’s hosting at the Sari-Sari Success event on the 28th of May was nothing short of exceptional. Her motivational speech to the stallholders set the tone for the entire day, providing a surge of energy that lasted throughout the event. Lee’s passion, energy, and professionalism made the event truly memorable and engaging for all participants. From the moment she stepped onto the stage, her charismatic presence and genuine enthusiasm captivated the audience. However, it was during her interviews with the stallholders that she truly shined, creating a strong rapport with each of them. Her ability to connect with people on a personal level was evident as she interviewed the stallholders. She asked insightful questions and actively listened to their stories, making everyone feel valued and appreciated. This personal touch not only added depth to the event but also made it a truly inclusive experience for all. Lee seamlessly blended humor, warmth, and professionalism, ensuring that everyone felt welcome and included throughout the entire event. Her ability to strike the right balance and engage the audience was remarkable, leaving a lasting impression on everyone in attendance. I cannot speak highly enough of Lee Montajes and her exceptional hosting skills. Her professionalism, passion, and ability to connect with people make her a standout host. Thanks to her remarkable contributions, the Sari-Sari Success event was undoubtedly a success. Thank you, Lee, for your outstanding work and for making the Sari-Sari Success event an unforgettable experience”