” This lady has a lot to give. Just a power house with her great mindset intensity!

We all enjoyed the workshop you have done with us Lee, very interactive and I could see, you could talk all day with high energy.

Wisdom and Inspiration is coming out naturally in you.

On behalf of our community, thank you so much for gracing this spectacular workshop. You are truly gifted Lee, yes you do! We are all amazed on how you carry the attention, focus , energy and great vibe from beginning to end.

Just a great package: great topic, great mindset , excellent speaker.

One more thing, you are a brilliant HOST/EMCEE too! my gosh, a stand up comedian, a great entertainer/singer, what else do you have brought with you since birth! 🙂

You are an amazing and Inspirational Motivational speaker, MotivationaLee”