“I have had the privilege of utilizing Lee Montajes service last October at my daughter’s Eighteenth debut party. Lee is a professional emcee and she carried herself well from the start of our conversation thru multiple video calls to plan the event to the day of the event. She has attention to detail and very accommodating to what her clients preference. She spoke well and made sure that the party start with a “bang” and finished well too. Even though we only met each other personally on the night of the event, she made me feel reassured that my event will be a successful one. I am very grateful that Lee delivered according to what we plan and the event was a success.
My debutant daughter was very pleased and amazed how things worked out well. I was reminded that the key to a successful party starts with the best emcee (like Lee) who knows her craft really well and doesn’t not hesitate to make suggestions to make the event a memorable one for everyone.
Thankful to my best ever emcee Lee Montajes for best moment and time we have had during my eighteenth debut party. I would not hesitate to recommend her to my friends. “