“Lee is like a Holy grail as a Professional Emcee or Host, literally to any event you throw at her, BRAVO Lee!

Darn this girl, she has exceeded our expectations, she is not just Good, but purely BRILLIANT, in what she does, just FLAWLESS Hosting on stage including Voice Projection.

She can do impromptu Hosting whilst being spontaneously flawless in her craft.

She is that kind of Emcee/Host who can magnetise audience, in control of the event from beginning to end and deliver a great performance. From organisation of programme and zoom meetings, very reliable. She knows what to do despite of random changes on the day of the event. Lee is Very Professional overall, and worth paying for, seriously folks, WORTH PAYING for, sure is! I tell yah!

Her role as a HOST/MC is not easy, she controls the crowd’s energy and focus…Brilliant HOST and an empowered woman.

Thank you, Lee,️ You nailed it! see ya on our next event my MOTIVATIONALEE.

I am a legit fan!”