“I’ve known Lee when she was a young girl, where she was a lector and a volunteer in our Deaf Ministry in the parish (Church) I used to work for the past 10 years. As  lector and an interpreter for the Deaf during our Sunday Masses, little that I learned that this young and dedicated girl was a great host when she was requested to be our EMCEE during one of the Parish Fiesta celebrations.


An engaging and lively host/emcee. She can truly draw audience with her adlibs and jokes. But what was amazing she can be a par with an experienced host. She know what she is saying and did really a research about the event. I am very happy what she become today, the young girl that I’ve known now a career woman, a wife and  mother has achieve her dream to share her thoughts, ideas and life as a host, especially in her youtube channel Motivationalee. Congratulation to LEE and God Bless!


I would share this message for this is really Lee too:







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