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Success Coaching

• Career Opportunity

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Anyone is succumbed to perplexity of where they are heading at, still trying to find their life’s real purpose. I have been in this situation where I was unsure of which path to go to. We all have individual capabilities, just hesitant to explore and use other avenues to grow personally and professionally. I support every individual who are ready to face huge transition in life (Relationship, Career or Faith). I will unlock their potentials, become empowered and significant.


“I thoroughly enjoyed having Lee as my coach. We covered Compelling visions, internal alignments to get a better understanding of what outcomes and goals that I wanted to achieve and what barriers may prevent me from achieving those goals. After this we discussed strategies to implement removing any barriers or self limitations and put in… Read more “”

⁃ Elliott Stenson 

“I had a lot of session with Lee and she never fails to deliver a quality session. She is and always will be my direction coach (career and relationship). I thought I am already organised, smart on what I do, lo and behold, I am over confident and began to walk on a wrong path,… Read more “”


“Thank u very much amazing lee Montajes one of the best “MC” in Melbourne Australia   same us here u are great on ur craft..You have delivered an excellent professional hosting/MC performance consistently. We Appreciate it very much. Thanks for the beautiful motivational words from u.. And we are grateful to have met u dear.  PS HIGHLY RECOMMENDED BEST FOR… Read more “”

-Stiffany Chung

“Throughout my studies I have always wondered what a success coach was and if it was worth reaching out. Recently I’ve had a big bump on the road with my studies and did in fact reach out. I was pleasantly surprised when I met Lee. I can see she is very passionate and compassionate about… Read more “”

- Penom Mathiang

“Lee is such an invigorating person, speaker she really motivates me on my journey to graduation. She says “Constant practice makes it perfect”. It does not matter how many times you fall, it is how you get up wiser build up strength that makes you wiser . I honestly feel I can speak to Lorilee… Read more “”

- Sue Gw

“My experience with the school success coach has been nothing short of amazingly wonderful support, the understanding by Lorilee has had a very positive impact on me personally as well as on my studies. I booked sessions with Lorilee since towards the end of last year as I was going through some tough times and… Read more “”

- Judith SW

I would like to express my gratitude to Lorilee for her constant support, motivation and encouraging me to keep up with my studies and not to give up my dream to become an Enrolled nurse. She has the ability to make people believe in themselves and see things in a positive and realistic way. Cannot… Read more “”

- Ange Dlc

“I’d like to take this time to show my appreciation. Thank you for your continuous effort in supporting me throughout the trimester. Thank you for being so dedicated to helping and assisting. I truly appreciate you checking in on me even after our meetings and always assisting me in building more support around Torrens. Navigating… Read more “”

- Mia Li